Fr. Jaison Jacob CMI


Dear Parents, Students, and Well-wishers,

I am delighted to welcome you all to BJM Carmel Academy School's official website. As the principal, I take immense pride in leading this esteemed institution, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

At BJM Carmel Academy, we believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also nurturing the overall growth and character of our students. Our dedicated team of highly qualified teachers is committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student can thrive.

Academic Excellence:
We strive to provide our students with a strong academic foundation that prepares them for the challenges of the future. Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive, blending traditional subjects with modern teaching methodologies. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills to equip our students with the necessary tools to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

Holistic Development:
We recognize the importance of holistic development and encourage our students to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. Our school offers various opportunities in sports, arts, music, dance, and other cultural activities. Through these pursuits, students develop important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance, which are essential for their personal and professional growth.

Safe and Supportive Environment:
The safety and well-being of our students are our utmost priorities. We have implemented strict security measures and maintain a safe and secure campus. Our teachers and staff are trained to create a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere where every student feels valued and respected. We have a robust counseling system in place to provide emotional and academic support to our students.

Parental Involvement:
We firmly believe that parental involvement is crucial for a child's education. We actively encourage parents to participate in school activities, attend parent-teacher meetings, and engage in open communication with the teachers and school administration. We value the partnership between parents and the school in shaping the educational journey of our students.

Community Outreach:
At BJM Carmel Academy, we also emphasize the importance of social responsibility and community engagement. We organize various outreach programs and community service initiatives to instill a sense of empathy and compassion in our students. Through these endeavors, we strive to develop socially conscious individuals who contribute positively to society.

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about our academic programs, facilities, and extracurricular activities. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you would like to schedule a visit to our campus.

Together, let us work towards nurturing the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.



Best regards,

Fr. Jaison Jacob CMI,
Principal, BJM Carmel Academy School, Chandrapur


May God bless you